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We believe in the power of design and creativity to create positive social change and peaceful coexistence through collective work.

Design + Peace is a non-profit organization addressing pressing environmental and societal issues with a focus on research, education, collaboration, innovation. We bring together professionals, scholars, advocates, volunteers, students, and communities around the globe to work on solutions to real-world problems that will be actualized in selected areas, along with building skills, community, and awareness.

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Finding solutions to contemporary issues calls for different approaches; thus, collective design works that bring together creative individuals coming from diverse backgrounds and disciplines will produce best solutions in this regard.

In today's world, where environmental, social, economic, and cultural problems are becoming increasingly complex, design can be a powerful problem-solving tool. Since design thinking requires both analytical and creative cognitive skills, it can be used not only to identify and deconstruct problems but also to find innovative solutions. Combined with a participatory approach, these effective problem-solving methods of design can be utilized to contribute to the idea of peaceful coexistence.

As future leaders and professionals, youth must have the necessary training and skillset to contribute to their communities' well-being. Working with our partners, professionals, and academicians, we offer an inspiring research and design process, innovative decision-making strategies, and production methods and guide future designers to become competent in utilizing design as a tool to identify, deconstruct, and solve complex problems.

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We are aware of the importance of young designers and architects to have the necessary training to contribute to the well being of our world as future professionals and leaders. Together with our partners, professionals, and academics, we aim to create an inspiring research and design process that implement innovative decision-making strategies, and production methods.

We work for our participants to become competent in utilizing design as a tool to identify, deconstruct, and solve problems.


Through the collective activity and exchange between students, professors, experts, partners, and non-governmental organizations, Design+Peace strives to create universal design-based solutions for various pressing global issues. Focus is put on the production of knowledge and producing applicable solutions concerning location, setting, and resources.

An interdisciplinary team of academicians and practicing professionals will lead the workshops and lecture series, provide design briefings, training and guidance to the participating students.


Along with providing research and training to the participants, we aim the final project to have a viable product in place, which will be developed further if necessary, and realized afterward.

All of the projects will have to meet the minimum requirements to be laid out, featuring a fine, locally rooted, tech-supported design that renders innovative-yet-grounded solutions.

We seek projects and design processes integrating collaboration, leadership, and creativity while addressing real-world problems.

every contribution matters

The greatest part of our financial resources comes from your altruistic donations. By supporting Design+Peace, you can become a part of a larger community providing critical resources aimed at promoting environmental and social change. 

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We welcome new ideas on how we can improve our organization. If you have an idea, please send it along. Together we can make a difference!

We look forward to having you join us!

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